Anthony posted on February 4, 2012 00:47

   You have to hand it to the E! Channel for all the effort they put into such an elaborate and lengthy plan. I'm not going to jump on the ban wagon of people that whine and complain about Kim Kardashian. She obviously had her role in all of this, but pressure from Hollywood can without question be as intense as a vice grip. I'm sure the money looked pretty appetizing as well. I'll cut to the chase. I should have filed this post under 'My Conspiracy Theories', but it wouldn't be purely my own so I'm just an observer and reporter with an opinion. It was probably easy for most people to come up with the idea that the big hour and a half long television special that led to the E! Channel wedding event of the century, that also perfectly coincided with whatever other drama was going on in one of the several Kardashian reality shows, was something that E! Channel executives not only dreamed of, but then actually made it happen. Anyone that thinks that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were truly in love and the reality television lifestyle ruined their relationship, might want to leave this blog and view our broad range of personalized wedding favors or browse through some of the custom Valentine's Day giveaways that Motivators has to offer.

   I'm not suggesting that the E! Channel approached Humphries mafia-style and put the ring in his hands and threatened that he better go get the job done, but there are a few very obvious things that happened in order for this chain of events to transpire and anyone who was truly paying attention probably should have seen the culmination of this relationship coming from a mile away. Let's go through what we know and what we can make educated guesses about. One of Kim's sisters has a baby and although sometimes rocky, a solid long term
relationship with the baby's father. Her other sister found true love with a professional athlete and they live fairly happily ever after when there aren't other Kardashians trying to impose drama on her life. Kim has been trying to find love with many notable celebrities, including athletes like Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and now, a fling with New Jersey Nets forward, Kris Humphries. The new couple is probably having lots of fun together, but since it's casual dating the two go about their busy lives but think that they miss each other when they are apart. Kim is likely to be in love with the idea of finding love, while Humphries is likely not in love at all, but likes the publicity that he's getting while at the same time enjoying the fact that he has very famous eye candy to hang out with. But those crafty E! Channel execs won't just sit idly by while two people try to get a better feel for each other as they progress in their relationship at their own pace. 

   Instead, like snakes they slither their ideas into the heads of those close to Kim, perhaps Kris Humphries, Kris Jenner or even Kim herself. What an opportunity it would be to record and air episodes of the happy couple planning their wedding and then having the ceremony on television. After all, the E! Channel has followed your lives for so long, it's only natural that we would document this event for you. You wouldn't need to hire camera men, we would make sure that there is no unwanted paparazzi present, and of course we would help (if not completely) fund the entire gaudy, overly extravagant wedding event. Nothing but the best flowers, decorators, set designers, dresses and tuxes for the wedding of our prize Kardashian. Not to mention a cut of the advertising bounty to be had by eager marketers, who like the E! Channel executives, are aware that Kim's wedding will be a ratings bonanza! Not to mention the material they will have already built in to their plans for the next installment of a Kardashian-based reality show.

   Even though that was written in true conspiracy theory fashion, is anyone going to dispute that what was described above isn't at the very least feasible? Anyone who thinks that's impossible doesn't understand the cut throat nature and pressures of Hollywood. I don't pretend to have first hand knowledge of Hollywood show business, and for all I know maybe it didn't happen anything like that, but some force of nature compelled these two people to decide that the commitment of marriage was the right choice after not having known each other for all that long. Who am I to judge true love, right? To be honest, I don't really care that much about what Kim and Kris do with their lives, but I have to say it did slightly get under my skin after I had to hear the words "This is how a Fairy Tale Ends" dramatically uttered by the narrator of the promo for the show's finale. Then you can imagine how it made me feel after seeing it for the fourth time in twenty minutes. This brings us to the cross roads at which we decide, is E! Channel a selfish, money hungry show business monster that willed this marriage to fruition? Or are Kim and Kris dumb for getting caught up in celebrity hype and making an ill-advised decision? Either way, something is up. I know that the infatuation stages in the beginning of a relationship can be a different story than what it is months or years later, but one of the two of them, if not both of them had to have noticed some of the things that wound up driving each other crazy enough to divorce in only 72 short days. Unless of course you weren't around each other enough to know that much about the person that you are about to commit the rest of your life to. It is what it is or was, and only a select few know what really happened. Until of course it gets revealed in some major E! True Hollywood Story special some ten years down the line. In the mean time, everyone can believe what they want to believe and let's be honest, it really would be none of our business if it weren't for the fact that they made it our business. But who made it our business? The Kardashians or the E! Channel? Should we even care? I'm sure both the E! Channel and the Kardashians are doing just fine either way, but if this were
a case that needed to be solved, Kim provided us with some decent evidence to use in what turned out to be her closing statements in the season finale of Kim & Kourtney Take New York when she said about her and Kris, "We don't have the same friends, we don't have the same interests and we just don't have much to talk about. It's not the fairy tale I wanted it to be."

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