We all know creativity in Hollywood has been dying a slow death for many years now. Remakes and sequels have flooded movie theaters for a generation. Shouldn't we expect more from our television though? It seems we don't. It seems reality tv shows and cookie cutter sitcoms are the remakes and sequels for the boob tube. So often nowadays, the shows that think outside of the box and create some of the smarter plots and jokes are thrown wayside due to poor Nielsen ratings. We have seen it before with shows like Freaks and Geeks and Arrested Development. Now we are seeing it with shows like Community and Awake. 

Community, is a no laugh track sitcom, which lives and dies off parody and snappy humor. In what I thought was one of the funniest half hours of humor I have seen, this past week Community did a PBS Style "Civil War-esque" documentary about a school wide pillow fight.

Meanwhile, Awake, which chronicales a man living 2 realities unsure what is a dream and what is not. This past week we saw his sanity start to crumble as things appeared to him which weren't there, be it his psychotrist or a penguin.

Neither show did very well in the ratings.

As one article on BuddyTV said:

"Will we soon see more television that stretches the limits of what we can accept? Probably not. Sorry.

 Bravery implies courage in the face of adversity. And bravery only matters when there's a chance -- often a good chance -- of failure. Every great war story is filled with examples of bravery, but the brave rarely survive to tell the tale. It's all too likely the bravery of Community and Awake will end in failure. Time and time again, we have seen a premature end to most boundary-pushing experiments on TV. Cancellation always haunts the brave."

For the good of television everyone, turn off "The Next Big THIS" or "The Real THAT" and watch the well written comedy or drama on tv! 

Don't be afraid to escape reality!

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