Hello there nation! As some of you may know, last week I disclosed information about Stephen Colbert, his Super PAC, his run to be a presidential candidate, and his failure toward both. I wrote about how he didn't get many votes and therefore withdrew his exploratory committee to be a presidential candidate. I also discussed how temporarily gave control of his Super PAC to his dear friend, and now sworn enemy, Jon Stewart. Unfortunately, he was unwilling to give control of the Super PAC back to Colbert as of last week. Well folks, I have good news! On Monday, Colbert regained control of his Super PAC, and this could not have happened at a better time.




          Since everyone in the world has read my blog last week (you can see it here), all my followers and readers should have a very basic and general knowledge of a Super PAC, how it works and what it does. So it should come as no surprise as to the significance of him getting his pack back by January 31. That date is the day all PACs need to file with the Federal Election Committee and disclose how much they received in donations. By filing with the Federal Election Committee, the amount of money donated, the amount spent on the PAC's cause, and the donors names are available to the public. We now get to see how much money he was able to collect. Drumroll please....




          $1,023,121. That's right, folks. He collected over a million dollars. Now this may not sound like much, especially when you hear other PACs and candidates spending ten to thirty million per primary. However, he is a comedian who formed a PAC much later than anyone else. He doesn't have the time or the same amount of resources as these professional PACs do. Plus, I am sure that plenty of people did not donate to him just based on the principle that he is a comedian and is making a mockery of the political system.  What some people don't realize is that he isn't making the joke about the system, what he is saying is that the joke is the system. I am proud of Colbert for doing what he is doing, and being able to raise the amount that he did. I hope he raises much more and makes more ads with it. We can all help the cause by donating directly, or by buying his promotional t-shirt "Turtles don't like peanut butter". 




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