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Of all the media sources to cover the Charlie Sheen story, there is only one channel that has not focused on it yet - MotivatorsTV, of course. Charlie Sheen has been all over the news since his series of radio and television interviews a couple of weeks ago, so it is definitely worth saying a few words. Is he really as crazy as he is making himself out to be? An unpredictable, bi-polar (he would argue he is bi-winning) unemployed actor, teetering on the border of relapse? Or, is he playing the part of a character, hyping up the shenanigans in an attempt to draw as much attention to himself as possible? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: whether it's an act or not, all eyes are currently on Charlie Sheen.

When Sheen gave his now-classic interviews to ABC News and the Alex Jones Show, a new lexicon of catchphrases was born. Most well-known is Sheen's motto, "Winning", though he has rolled out such other lines as, "I'm an F-18 bro" and "I'm on a new drug...it's called Charlie Sheen".

Once Sheen realized that his story was generating such massive amounts of attention, he did what anyone with potential to go viral would do: he started a Twitter account. Signing onto Twitter @CharlieSheen, the once Two and a Half Men star became the fastest in history to reach 1 million followers (under 24 hours). As this is being written, Sheen has exactly 2,593,719 Twitter followers, and growing. Of course when you have that much exposure, the potential for advertising is pretty extraordinary - that's exactly what Charlie is trying to take advantage of.

His latest creation is Sheen's Korner, a video webcast which features Charlie Sheen and a production team chatting about various stories in the news. This program is Sheen's attempt to monetize his publicity in some way, in order to fill the void of the $2 million per episode that he was receiving before being fired from Two and a Half Men.

Who knows what's in store now for the star of Wall Street and cast member of famous films like Platoon and Major League? A new television show? Maybe a movie? The public can only hope that he maintains his sobriety and mental health, while continuing to entertain and do what he does best.


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