Dan posted on February 10, 2012 22:09

     Well good afternoon to all my fans out there in Internetland. I hope you all have enjoyed your week so far and are preparing for the upcoming holiday Valentine's Day. I am sure plenty of you out there are trying to go about the perfect way to ask that special someone out on a date, whether it involves flowers, promotional candy imprinted with a message, or custom promotional chocolates. Whatever gimmicks you may have, it all still comes down to one thing, and that's actually asking that special someone out. Well, if you were having any issues, questions, or concerns on how to go about that, Heineken has the answer.



     Heineken launched through their Facebook page, an app called "The Serenade" which is based off of their most recent commercial entitled "The Date". Now when I say commercial, it's an understatement, as this is more of a short film. if anything. This commercial is very well executed, and very clever. It's completely different from all the other boring beer commercials out there. The commercial follows a young couple on a legendary date, overcoming obstacles involving magicians, and even a dragon, all in the hopes of the young man wooing the young woman. In the end, he ends up winning over the young lady and dancing with her in the end to the catchy 1960's Bollywood track, Jaan Pehechaan Ho by Mohammed Rafi. With the app, "The Serenade", the same band in the commercial will perform serenades for Heineken fans.



     When you launch the app, you are asked to select that special someone to send the serenade to. Then you choose from the choices given, why you want to ask the person out, followed by you think that special someone should go out with you. Once you do that, you can preview how it will look before you send it out. If you like it, just select "Finish" and it will be posted on your special someone's Facebook wall. That person will then have the option to select "Yes" or "No" after the video when it asks if that person will go on a date with you. With a total of 640 different Serenades available, fans should be able to find the perfect Serenade that will hopefully bring them romance.



     To top it off, last night Heineken hosted "Serenade Live", which was an eight hour YouTube event, during which individuals around the world had the opportunity to have the same band serenade that special someone live online, which will hopefully lead to many successful dates. You were able to submit your serenades via tweets, comments on Youtube, and even via web cam. It was fun to watch all the different types of serenades being performed.

     This was a well-executed campaign. It is very engaging for any fan or consumer. It also helps Heineken get their name associated with a holiday, plus it all ties in with their "The Date" commercial. It also allows Heineken to interact with their fan base on a level better than most brands. Bravo Heineken. 


P.S. Alright fans, I hope you didn't think I forgot. When I get back from vacation, I will discuss in great detail about my "Most Interesting" adventure with Dos Equis and The League of Most Interesting!




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