We have all been there before. Your phone rings or you hear that text message alert sound and you dismiss it because you are in the middle of something or find yourself too comfortable to move from your position. Then you hear the voicemail alert and only seconds later you hear another text message come through. If you still pay it no mind, chances are good that your mind will begin thinking of a worst case scenario when you hear your phone ring two more times and you receive a few more text messages. At this point your heart may now be beating out of your chest as you rush to your phone with anxiety over the news that you are about to get. Depending on the kind of person you are, your brain is likely to go in one of two directions. Either something terrible has happened, or something so awesome and unexpected has occurred, that anyone that knows you wanted to be the first person to tell you the exciting news!

    This sort of happened to me this weekend when I was on the receiving end of an onslaught of texts, emails and phone calls with some of the best television / entertainment related news I have heard in a while. So be prepared to dust off your favorite version of a Bluth family chicken impression, because it is the only proper way to celebrate the fact that Arrested Development will be back, and it's official this time!

     As an avid fan and follower of what I consider to be one of the smartest and funniest television shows ever created, I as well as countless other fans found ourselves repeatedly disappointed after getting our hopes up each time an Arrested Development film was rumored to be in the works after we suddenly and unjustly lost a revolutionary and wildly entertaining television series.  But what can you say? I guess 'Justice is blind', certainly FOX was blind when they decided to cancel the show that had developed a cult following that was increasingly expanding.

    Perhaps the movie was in fact being planned, but for one reason or another the rumors, hope and excitement were always squashed and we'd go back to the acceptance stage of our loss. This time though, it is not merely another rumor. Arrested Development fans can rejoice in the official announcement of not only a feature length film, but a 10 episode mini-season to get us back into the flow and caught up with the always intriguing plot that revolves around the Bluth family.

    Once release dates have been announced, I will certainly be counting down the days, but until then, all I want to know is, where can I get some Bluth Company merchandise? This announcement should be coupled with marketing and promotions galore! After all, a business such as the Bluth Company already uses promotional mugs in their office, they of course brand their custom printed caps and softball shirts with the Bluth company logo before their big game, and in their industry they should be connoisseurs when it comes to promotional key tags. All of those things are well and good and I would love to get my hands on any of those items, but If I were in charge of their promotional efforts I would have 'blown the whistle' on this announcement before it was even made, creating a buzz by imprinting the Bluth company logo on some custom imprinted whistles and distributing them without explanation.

    Yes, this post was laced with some references that may have people scratching their heads if they're unaware of the show, but I am hoping that might be a good enough reason to take this opportunity to catch up! And if those references or my enthusiasm wasn't motivating enough, know this: Next to LOST, Arrested Development is the show that I most highly recommend to people that haven't yet had the privilege of enjoying it.  Those two shows couldn't be more fundamentally far apart, but anyone that knows me and my obsession for LOST knows that mentioning another television show in the same sentence speaks volumes of the high praise I have for Arrested Development. We are all lucky to be able to see it again with exciting new storylines.

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