Jenn posted on January 6, 2010 23:40
This week I joined my parents for some good ole Seinfeld. The episode involved story lines of Kramer swimming in a stinking New York river and Jerry remodeling his apartment. But the "show about nothing," had another storyline with something to say about promotional products. After realizing he is tired, George Costanzo decides that the perfect place to take a nap is underneath the desk of Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner's. After Steinbrenner returns unexpectedly, Costanzo sneakily calls Jerry and asks him to call in a bomb threat so that he doesn't get caught under the desk.
Security alerts the building, craziness ensues and Steinbrenner tries hiding under the desk like in those old informative videos they used to show in classroom during Vietnam. He finds Costanzo but in the chaos thinks he just ran there for protection too. It is then brought to Steinbrenner's attention the bomb threat was called in because of a dislike of the stadium giveaways at the Yankee ball park. Jerry complained about the adjustable strap in the back and demanded for hats just like the players on free Yankees hat days.

In the end, like most episodes, Costanzo ends up miserable. Though Steinbrenner didn't get mad at Costanzo for being under his desk, he did make him in charge of creating a custom hat to fit every visitor. Obviously Costanzo is upset by this because it's impossible. All of our custom hats continue to please our customers because of their awesome adjustable abilities. Because of stadium giveaways like these, every visit to the stadium is enhance and true fans are formed. Sorry Jerry, the bomb threat didn't work.

I learned two things from this episode:
1. Times have most certainly changed. Today, calling in a bomb threat would land you a spot in a jail cell.
2. Great items like
promotional hats are timeless.

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